• Safety - To create an atmosphere within TLOEP program sites that is free from abuse (physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, psychological).

  • Trustworthiness & Transparency - To create an atmosphere within TLOEP program sites that foster trust within the participant community and allows the participant community to trust TLOEP through consistency of service providing and transparency of established policy and procedures.

  • Peer Support - To provide support to TLOEP program participants from an empathetic, anti-racist, trauma-informed, harm reduction, and culturally compassionate perspective. A perspective that draws heavily upon the relevant lived experiences of our leadership, staff, and volunteers as credible messengers for resiliency.

  • Collaboration & Mutuality - To intentionally make space for the collaboration of ideas across TLOEP as an organization and in partnership with organizational allies in a concerted effort to bring all relevant perspectives to the table.

  • Empowerment Voice & Choice - To support the personal and professional development of TLOEP members (leadership, staff, volunteers) and to foster a culture within the organization that honors the voices of all members (leadership, staff, volunteers, partners, program participants).

  • Purposefully Elevating Historical Ethnic and Cultural Legacies - The fundamental element missing from most community service providing efforts that focus on people of color, is the lack of specific attention to the trauma that has been endured in the context of racial identity, cultural identity, and gender identity.

Trauma-Informed Approach

The CDC's 6 Guiding Principles to a Trauma-Informed Approach

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Trauma-Informed Care