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Why Mental Health Matters for Black, Brown, Indigenous, and other People of Color

According to the American Counseling Association

Black/African American:

  • Black and African American people living below poverty are twice as likely to report serious psychological distress as those living over two times the poverty level. [CDC]

  • Men of African descent are nine times more likely than White men to be victims of homicide.

  • Historical adversity translates to socioeconomic disparities experienced by Black and African American people, which is linked to mental health. [Source]

  • Adult Blacks and African Americans are more likely to have feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and worthlessness than adult Whites. [CDC]


  • Latinx parents may expedite assimilation in their children by promoting adoption of American culture, leading to internalized racism which can cause depression and low self-esteem.

  • Latina adolescents attempt suicide at higher rates than other gender/ethnic groups: 20% of Latina adolescents report a plan to commit suicide and 11.1% attempt suicide.

Native American/Indigenous:

  • Due to high levels of poverty, many Native Americans face economic barriers that prevent them from receiving treatment. [Source]

  • Compared to Whites, three times as many Native Americans lack health insurance – 37% compared to 6.3%. Approximately 2.5 million Native Americans rely on the Indian Health Service for care. [Source]

  • Native Americans who meet the criteria for depression, anxiety, or substance abuse disorders are significantly more likely to seek help from a spiritual healer than from specialty or other medical sources. [Source]

Asian American:

  • Xenophobic racism against Asian Americans has surged as the coronavirus sweeps the U.S., with reports of hate crimes averaging approximately 100 per day.

  • Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for Asian Americans ages 15-34.

  • One study found that 70% of Southeast Asian refugees receiving mental health care were diagnosed with PTSD.

Middle Eastern:

  • Women who emigrated from the Middle East may be subjected to domestic violence, particularly if they entered into arranged marriages with American men.

  • Asylum seekers from the Middle East may cope with mental health issues related to situations they have fled, including torture, war, political oppression, and other circumstances.