Tips for Working With Fear, VERONIQUE MEAD, MD, MA

Tips for Working With Fear, That Increase Self-Love & Resilience (Reducing Trauma, Chronic Illness, Complex PTSD and Freeze)

Check out this information from Veronique Mead, MD, MA:

Fear is an appropriate response to threat and to a pandemic like Covid-19. It is designed to keep us safe. It guides us into acting. It can help us do what must be done. Yet fear can also be overwhelming and difficult to manage. It can be immobilizing. And it can make it difficult to rest. To Sleep. To Recharge. To Play. To Feel Joy. To Connect. And To Love. This is especially true if you have a history of trauma. Even if you think what you experienced was “mild.”

Here, I’m going to talk about ways to increase your resilience to infection, chronic illness and influences of trauma. I’m going to add to your toolkit by sharing some of what I’ve been discovering and the tools I’m using in an unexpected situation I happen to be in during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s accessible to everyone. And it’s free.

This post addresses one of the most common and important questions I get: how to heal. Especially, it’s about what to do with complex PTSD and symptoms that happen when you’ve had more than a single exposure to trauma as a source of current symptoms and challenges. It’s about where fear comes from – and how it’s not all and only from the Pandemic (even though it’s absolutely appropriate to feel scared at this time and to be taking action wherever and however you need to).

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