"The League of Extraordinary People" Mission/Vision

Our mission is to launch an educational and spiritual enrichment revolution to build hope, resilience, and healing through community empowerment. Our vision is to establish a transformational, integrative, and replicable self-healing Center of Extraordinary People. This residential community model will heal transgenerational trauma through a foundation of safety, trustworthiness, and transparency, peer support, collaboration and mutuality, empowerment of voice and choice, and purposefully elevating historical ethnic and cultural legacies. We will educate and empower our community through the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Study and improve community awareness about the impact of early and generational adversity on chronic illnesses and mental health challenges, and other outcomes, especially for the Black & multiracial communities. Our hope is that we can, collectively, become educated that the "ACE Study" and the ACEs "questionnaire" can show a clear link between the many types of transgenerational childhood adversity and its onset of adult chronic illnesses, through physical diseases and mental health disorders. We will post evidence-based scientific articles and explain the neurobiology of the brain and body, its scientific links on how/why generational stress and systemic cultural oppression has changed our DNA, genetics, and altered our health and how to heal. Did you know that one-hundred thirty-three million Americans are currently suffering from chronic illness and 116 million suffer from chronic pain? Our nation's domestication by the rich and powerful and their dream for the planet is the mechanism behind our current state of poor healthcare for the marginalized and communities of color. It is no mere coincidence that COVID-19 has ravaged our these communities more than others. So as a lifetime member of the 133 million suffering from chronic illness and 116 million suffering from chronic pain...I founded the "The League of Extraordinary People" so I can help to teach, lead and guide my peers, families, and individuals of any color to healthy and successful lives through sharing with you how you can heal!


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