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This last month (April)) has been lifestyle-changing.  We know that experiencing changes, even positive ones can be very stressful.  How well have you managed your stress level lately?  In general, how well do you manage your stress response?  How dedicated are you to your work, your relationships, your new lifestyle?  Below is a little “test” that can serve as a quick assessment of your ability to positively manage, and balance your stress level when going through difficult changes.  This “test” has no scientific validity, but you can use it as a tool for assessing/becoming more aware of your ability to positively manage your resistance to stress.

Score 0 if the statement is definitely not true for you; score 1 if it is usually not true; score 2 if it is somewhat true; score 3 if it is somewhat true; score 4 if it is definitely true.

  1.____ When I work hard, it makes a difference.

  2.____ Getting out of bed in the morning is easy for me.

  3.____ I have the freedom I want and need.

  4.____ At times I’ve sacrificed for an exciting opportunity.

  5.____ Sticking to my routine is not important to me.

  6.____ I vote because I think it makes a difference.

  7.____ You make your own lucky breaks.

  8.____ I agree with the goals of my boss and my company.

  9.____ I’ve been “lucky in love” because I try to be a loving person.

10.____ I believe I get what I give.  But, I don’t “keep score.”

11.____ It’s important for me to try new things.

12.____ Free time is a gift I really enjoy.

13.____ I work hard, and I’m paid fairly.

14.____ My family is a great pleasure to me.

15.____ I speak up for what I believe in.

Add your scores for #1,6,7,9,13.  This is your stress management score.  The higher it is, the more control you feel you have over your own life, and the better you are able to manage your stresses.  TOTAL = _____

Add your scores for #2,3,8,10,14.  This is your commitment score.  The higher it is, the more committed you are to enjoy your life.  TOTAL = _____

Add your scores for #4,5,11,12,15.  This is your risk score.  The higher it is, the more willing you are to take risks to learn and practice new things.  TOTAL = _____

Add all four scores together.  This is your stress-resistance score.  TOTAL = _____

          If you scored 35 or above: you are very resistant to negative stress.  27-34: You are somewhat resistant but could be more so; look at each item and choose a couple to work on.  18-26: You need to look at your habits and attitudes to improve your resistance to stress; pick one item above to improve on each month.  Under 18: if stresses get serious, you could be in trouble; take time now to change your habits and attitudes by creating new ways of coping with stress.


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