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A heart for healing

Melissa McPheeters is the Information Officer and a Trauma-Informed Care Advocate for The League of Extraordinary People. As a Trauma-Informed Care Advocate, she supports individuals in meeting their needs by accessing care that is safe and healthy - and advocating with them when it is not. She also assists organizations in developing their capacities to be trauma-informed, accessible, and responsive to the needs of their clients. 


Presently, Melissa is a Family Support Specialist with an Early Learning Center. Though her recent work has been in Early Childhood Education, she has experience working with children of all ages and adults. After receiving a BA in Social Work from Brandman University, she worked as a Domestic Violence Advocate at a Domestic Violence Shelter and as a Youth Counselor at a Youth-in-Crisis shelter. She is a Certified Educational Trainer with HEART-STRONG International and will graduate with a Master’s in Education with an emphasis in Trauma and Resilience from George Fox University in April 2020. 


Melissa’s core values are life, honesty, compassion, kindness, inclusion, transparency, trust, love, empathy, and learning. She seeks to express and act upon these values in all aspects of her life. When Melissa met Alfred in early 2020, she knew immediately that growing this organization and Alfred’s reach into the community was meaningful and life-giving - for herself and others. Her vision is to live to see a world in which individual and collective healing creates sustainable and safe environments for everyone. The League of Extraordinary People extends this kind of environment on a local and digital level, with opportunities for everyone to welcome their extraordinary selves into being in the world. Melissa is passionate about her work with The League of Extraordinary People because it is responsive to historical and intergenerational trauma, supports individuals in identifying and growing their resilience, and creates unique pathways to healing.