The racism that's pervaded the US health system for years is even deadlier now, by Rashad Robinson

According to: The Guardian,

Deborah Gatewood was a black nurse who worked for 31 years in a Detroit hospital. Last weekend, she died from Covid-19 after being denied treatment by hospital doctors – four times. This fatal neglect may seem like a shocking individual story, but it is no surprise to those of us who have been tracking the many systemic inequities in healthcare for years. As just one example, doctors routinely treat black people’s pain and suffering far less seriously than that of other patients. It is the result of preposterous, anti-science assumptions they hold about black people, which their medical schools and hospitals still have not forced them to unlearn, as research studies have revealed.

Even with factories shut down all across the country, one thing America never stops manufacturing is widespread racial injustice. Every day, we see how the unchecked racism that has pervaded our health system for years has become even deadlier now.

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