Seeking to Develop a Collaborative Behavioral Healthcare Residential Community Resiliency Model

The League of Extraordinary People is a Black-owned, peer-founded, and staffed Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) organization which was created specifically for individuals and families of color. Our hopes are that our peer-based, TIC science- and evidence-based approach can improve our current disparities in healthcare and behavioral health outcomes by creating an integrated, residential self-healing community for healing and resiliency.

Our Founder collaborated with All American Construction in 2019 in a purchase of 1.5 acres in the city of Federal Way, WA. This property can be developed into a 6-story, mixed-use residential and commercial community for healing or 18 townhouses to develop an Integrative Residential Healthcare organization.

We are seeking to find other community members or organizations who are interested in collaborations, to develop a community resiliency model [CRM] which trains community members to not only help themselves but to help others within their wider social network. The primary focus of CRM is to educate individuals about the biology and neurophysiology of trauma, stress, and resilience as well as teach simple biologically based wellness skills, which can help to re-set and stabilize the nervous system.

If you are interested in joining us to collaborate in bringing this model to fruition in South King County, please feel free to email us at for a prompt response.