A LETTER TO A.M.E.R.I.C.A by Claudel Chevry, MSW

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A LETTER TO A.M.E.R.I.C.A, by Claudel Chevry, MSW

We have been marching in peace for far too long.
We have been protesting for our right to be human for far too long.
We have lost our sense of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness since we were forcefully moved from our home (Africa) to a foreign laboratory land and utilized as guinea pigs.
To see how many times we can bleed, shaped, and controlled.
To see how many teardrops it takes us to drown.

An abnormal place for brown and black skins to breathe the healthy air of freedom and peace.
A place where black and brown skins are being Misunderstood, Misrepresented under all laws that protect human rights and dignity.

A place were we were Molded freely in the service of the white men and women without any rights.

A place that only accepts black and brown skins as a sacrifice to the Evil Gods.
A place that is set with the mission to Erode all black and brown skins from this earth.
You distorted our home and made us build a new home, just to beRejected, and to create fear of being unwanted.

A place that continues to smile in our face while Inflicting us with pain and suffering regardless of how much we yell for our life to be spared.

A place that continues to CORRUPT the world with it smooth words and always ready to go to war in the name of democracy and freedom; yet, your black and brown children continue to be slaves by the same masters that preach freedom to all across the globe.
Why are you not practicing what you preached in your backyards, America?

America, your black and brown children, are in an absolute Abysmal space; you have placed us in a hole that is impossible for us to breathe, when we screamed, we know you hear us.
Why do you ignore us?

Why do you make fun of us as we cried with this chronic pain of racism, lack of access to resources, health, and a safe space to shelter?

You have created fault advertisements and pretending to help by creating a welfare system that creates a blur to cover up your true objectives.

We have been controlled by you long enough America!

It is time for a change, America.
America! America! Ooh, America!

Black and brown skins do not ask for much;
we are not asking you to give us your wealth or share all your glories;
we are merely asking to be left alone.

Please give us the space to breathe the air of freedom.
Give us space to freely exercise all of our human rights.
Give us the space to get married and reproduce new life.
Give us the space to see our children grow.
Give us the space to cherish our grandchildren, America.
America, America, America!

Give us the chance to live the little time we came to do on earth.
We thank you, America, for your understanding, and we are looking forward to your positive response.

Sincerely yours,
Black and brown skin kids

Claudel Chevry, MSW

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