The League of Extraordinary People is launching an ACEs-Science and Trauma-Informed modality of care within an empowerment curriculum through a new-and-improved spiritual, social justice healthcare revolution. This evidence-based, Trauma-Informed Care services website was created to connect people from all walks of life who have experienced Adverse Baby Experiences, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and trauma to develop a self-reliant, resilient community in need of support during their healing. 

As we grow, The League of Extraordinary People will offer resources, consulting, and additional community support both virtually and in-person.


Based in the greater Seattle area of Washington state, we are prepared to extend trauma-informed approaches that are culturally-diverse, -relevant, and -sensitive to all Persons of Color and any children, adults, and families who have been impacted by stress, trauma, and adversity. 

We are also in the process of establishing an enhanced shelter for 18-24-year-old Black, Brown, Indigenous, and other Youth of Color with a trauma-informed approach to serve South King and Pierce Counties. If you or someone you know is interested in supporting these efforts, please visit our Contact page here to communicate with us directly.

We offer intentional and individualized support to you directly. Our team is ready and willing to support your journey to better health, well-being, and healing from any challenges you have experienced.